The Purpose Of Music


The following are offerings of experiential learning and healing practices. In the ancient world traditions where these originated, the arts and sciences are pursued as integrative disciplines - doorways through which the inner self and nature can meet as one. These courses of study and healing practices will balance and coordinate the contributions of thoughts, feelings, and actions, enabling practitioners to function as conduits of the larger self. 

We offer classes in: 

  • Making and playing world instruments
  • Meditative improvisation 
  • Trance healing music 
  • Healing Ceremony
These practices are accessible and valuable to beginners as well as artists already developed in their disciplines. 

Ben Hume is considered a master instrument maker in over 20 countries, and is a leading authority on the evolution of musical instruments before the year 1200. His senior students are master craftsmen and adept trance healing musicians. Their group, The Listeners, provide effective healing ceremonies based on core principles of healing music traditions as ancient and wide spread as Central Asian Shamanism, Sufism, and Native American spiritual practices. 

Central Asian Shaman's Fiddle
Healing Ceremonies are held several times a year.
If you wish to be notified call Ben Hume at (718) 484-8424.

We provide the finest world instrument repair in North America. By helping instruments to vibrate more evenly we can significantly increase the quality and value of instruments from all world traditions. For further information related to repairs, improvements and classes contact Ben directly.