Production company: MJM Creative Services
Client: Pfizer
Art direction: Agnes Pugalsang.
Flash Programming: Steve Espinola
Programming assistance: David Aronson
Soundtrack composition: Jim Coleman

Challenge: to create, in a very limited time frame, 33 different 2-3 minute animations spotlighting different awarded vacation trips for each sales divisions of Pfizer. Some divisions had 1 vacation, others had 2 or 3. Each division had a different combination of locations to be visited, from a list of 20. Each sales division had its own title and logo elements.

Solution: By planning carefully with a production team, I designed a modular Flash program so that all 33 different animated movies could be created simultaneously. The system allowed last-minute global changes to affect all clips at once. Once programmed, titles, logos and vacation photographs for each of the clips could be switched in and out within seconds. New drafts of all 33 clips could be output within 15 minutes.

Using this programming system, job was completed a week ahead of schedule (Approximately 9 working days instead of 14). 2004.

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