Production company: Vectorhog Productions
Client: Zegna
Flash programming, design: Steve Espinola
Programming of non-mosiac scenes: David Aronson

Challenge: Create 3 hours of animation in 3 days, using only 100 photos, to be projected on a 9 x 16 foot wall at a fashion show. The client is a high-end clothing company designing fashion for men. The theme of their 4-part new line is "1950's Italian movie fashion."

Solution: I designed and programmed a "randomized mosiac." The mosaic includes 11 different subthemes and patterns (shoes, torsos, full bodies, vintage films, etc.) A subtheme appears for 30 seconds, then slowly shifts to another pattern. All aspects of the programming of this have built-in randomness and built-in order, making it impossible to predict exactly what will happen next, yet creating a hypnotic rhythm. At four to eight minute intervals, the mosiac shifts to either a Fellini movie excerpt or an animation spotlighting one of the four different lines of clothing. Basically, the program animates itself, allowing for three hours of never-repeating graphic patterns. (Scroll down to see complete mosiac.)

This was designed for wall projection, not internet browsers, and may play strangely. If mosiac doesn't load, or if it appears very small, click here.

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