Grampian Type D - Reconditioning

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Grampian Type D - Reconditioning

Unread postby jamesfabel » Thu Oct 05, 2017 7:43 pm

Hey trolls

I have a Grampian feedback cutting head - type D

and i would like to recondition it - i have the original manual, which i will scan and upload to the repository if there is not already copy.

Wherein it refers to some items and materials that Im hoping someone with some insight can suggest modern equivalents

They are:

Silicone damping fluid - 'Dow Corning'

Absorbent washer

Sealing pads


Cement - 'Goodyear Plio-bond'

I have the original of all above except the cement - i imagine they should be replaced, if there is a ideal solution.

The rest of the instructions are relatively straightforward, but if a troll out there knows of any tricks

Im all ears.


ps. a couple of photos attached of the components as they were once removed.

pps. Im very interested in matching a Gotham amplifier to this - if anyone knows of where i can get one - please PM :)
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