Lacquer Specific Plating Issues

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Lacquer Specific Plating Issues

Unread postby Greg Reierson » Wed Sep 07, 2016 10:15 pm

The plating shop called today to say they ruined four of my lacquers. Left them in the cleaning solution too long. The interesting thing is that he said the amount of time to leave a lacquer in the cleaning solution depends on the type of lacquer. Specifically, he said Apollo lacquers need a little more time but if you leave MDC in that long then it causes trouble = noise, etc.

Does this make sense to you guys with plating experience or was he just covering for a goof-up in the plant? He was very apologetic and seemed genuinely sorry. I don't know much about plating but I guess it seems plausible.

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Re: Lacquer Specific Plating Issues

Unread postby Aussie0zborn » Thu Sep 08, 2016 6:00 am

Yes, its true. I don't recall the exact reason for this occurring but leaving them in the degreasing solution for too long would cause them to be noisy.

It sounds like they successfully plated them, made mothers and listened to those mothers - is this correct?

I imagine they don't see too many MDC lacquers. Might be a good idea to throw a reject cut in the box next time so that they can experiment a little. Before sending them re-cuts, you might determine if they have worked out the correct degreasing time.
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Re: Lacquer Specific Plating Issues

Unread postby mossboss » Fri Sep 09, 2016 5:50 am

Not every lacquer that Goes through the process of plating up is going to finish up perfect
The process is simple enough on the one hand with a stack of unknowns on the other.
One would have thought that after 100 odd years we would have it all down pat. I am afraid that's not the case at all. As an example, We never had worms in our Aus ops never heard of them until I got to the uk. There they call them the friendly worms. They show up like a wriggle on the uncut surface. No one seems to know the reason they appear or how to get rid of them. Than after you pulled your hair out they just go away as sudden as the appeared.
The crazy thing is that some 12 months later we got them in Aus. What a night mare, ruined dozens or more cuts. they than disappeared
Help? From where?
In your case well it could be anything including the cleaning solution keeping in mind that the raw material used to make them is rarely the same from batch to batch.
That's why they mix a few 1000 gallons at a time trying to get some consistency.
The mysteries will remain with us
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Re: Lacquer Specific Plating Issues

Unread postby andybee » Wed Nov 02, 2016 4:01 am

in my experience (before I had a pressing plant), most pressing plants prefer MDC Laquers.
They say, they are much easier to silver then Apollo.
The formula of the MDC laquer surface is for sure different then Apollo/Transco.
We also silvered sucessfully some shank PVC discs, but backround noise from cutting is much higher then laquer discs.

All the steps, preparing, cleaning the laquer etc. are critical, and you never know, what´s happening.
Sometimes you repeat the hole process (cutting, plating, testpressings) and the result is
different, even if all steps are done with the same temperatures, materials etc.
And every plating shop has his own way and formula of preperationl, silvering etc.
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