Explanation for the "Epic Recordette" section.

This is a special section, perhaps temporary, to help our man Timmy1 with his efforts to assemble a working 8J10 Wilcox-Gay Recordette for experimental record cutting. The reasons for this will be explained shortly, but please do check in and help! He's a great guy with a worthy project.

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Explanation for the "Epic Recordette" section.

Unread postby Steve E. » Wed Mar 06, 2013 11:55 am

Dear Lathe Trolls,

I am setting up this section specifically to help one of our esteemed members on his project. You may have noticed several threads devoted to Timmy1's attempt to assemble a working Wilcox-Gay Recordette.

What may not be obvious from his threads is that Timmy1 is doing something I can't remotely imagine doing myself: He is working on this project, and navigating this forum, without using the sense of sight. Timmy is blind. He makes his living as a mechanic. He uses special software to "read" the forum.

This site was not designed originally to accommodate the blind. So I am attempting to take away an unnecessary hurdle by organizing and consolidating this project into a specific section. Please visit here often and help Timmy out!
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