RekoKut Challenger Questions

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RekoKut Challenger Questions

Unread postby lovetohit » Wed Aug 09, 2017 3:53 pm

Hello -
I'm new to the cutting world, and a proud owner of a Challenger purchased from a fellow who gave up. That said, I'm wondering a couple things:

1. Does this model have a capability to cut a lead in/lead out and locking groove? I don't see the little crank you would see on some lathes to do that..

2. Is there a place where i can buy or download a user manual that might have come with the unit? I've seen some related literature on vinyl engine, but more about the TR-12 turntable and R-8A amp that make this puppy up... not much about operating instructions etc... ideally something that might walk me through the adjustments to the head, how to change out an idler (if i ever find a 45 RPM one) - how to change the screws for the overhead cutting head... etc etc...

It a pretty cool unit, i've see a lot of videos, some of that has been helpful --

Any help/tips are greatly appreciated!
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Re: RekoKut Challenger Questions

Unread postby kampbell » Wed Oct 11, 2017 12:36 am

Did you get a manual? I have the Manual for the Rek-O-Kut Imperial II if interested. It has the M-12S Lathe, TR12H Recording Turntable and R-8B Recording Amplifier and S-120 12" Playback Arm instructions.
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