Split Brass Mix of Paul Mauriat's Love is Blue (1967)

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Split Brass Mix of Paul Mauriat's Love is Blue (1967)

Unread postby diamone » Mon Mar 10, 2014 1:47 am

There is a mix someplace of Paul Mauriat's original 1967 recording of Love Is Blue where the levels of the brass hits around 1 minute in (and repeated throughout the song) are A) elevated compared to the stereo remix on Bloomin' Hits or the original stereo mix on Philips GH of `68 LP - and B) split hard left and hard right so that it sounds as if you're being blasted at from both sides by a trumpet quartet.

The rest of the mix is closer to the original GH of `68 with the sort of 10 and 2 panning compared to the wider and more well-distributed mix on Bloomin' Hits. And no it's not the other remix from the 90's cuz I have that, too.

I thought maybe it might originally have been a quad mix with the split brass tracks intended to come discretely from the rears - but if it was I only ever heard it in stereo.

I had it years ago on a VA stereo-demo LP or reel tape - can't remember which now - and haven't been able to find it since - except one of the guys here - I forget who now - thought he found it on YouTube a couple of years ago - but I think that was either the original stereo mix or the Bloomin' Hits remix.

Any help would be appreciated.
I'm trying to play it for my brass students.
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