A Ph. D. in Obscure Media Studies

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A Ph. D. in Obscure Media Studies

Unread postby diamone » Sun Oct 02, 2016 9:54 pm

Stanford wants me to do it and a small handful of guys on here and the various other media related boards I belong to - all of whom have at one point or another come to me with some type of media or other and asked ``what is this and how do you use i?'' - have kind of kept after me to either do something along those lines at 52 yrs old or else open up my own consultancy.

The first question is if I'm gonna do it - do I do it under the Science and Engineering division or do I do it under the Humanities division - or go through Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences and try to write my own from scratch (even though you kind of have to write your own plan of study and your own goals in a Ph.D. program anyway - this kind of doubles up on that).

Trouble is - both of these takes money, so if guys are telling me to do it - nobody is telling me where to get the money at to do either one.


And don't be giving me some first-year social-services/info and referral resources e.g. 211-esque because I've been there and done that.
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