Emery Cook related

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Emery Cook related

Unread postby mossboss » Sun Dec 03, 2017 11:28 am

Watching an Australian film " The last Goldfish" on a qantas flight to somewhere, as one does to pass the time, I was quite surprised to see some footage about this guy, in the movie, there is a fair bit of information as well as some photos on this characters enterprises in Trinidad in the movie

The movie is about a girl who is looking into the family history, she finds out that her father was a German Jew who was arrested by the gestapo in 1938, after his release a few days later he gets out of Germany and finds his way to Trinidad where amongst other things he does to make a living, he becomes the general manager of Cook records, recording company etc
His daughter, while searching the family tree and relatives finds all theses things out about her father Manfred Goldfich
Never seen much on that guy emery, neither was I looking for anything, it was just a very interesting coincidence, for those who are interested it's a good bit of info, the movie ain't a blockbuster but quite an interesting tale
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Re: Emery Cook related

Unread postby socialroots » Tue Dec 05, 2017 9:00 pm

Thanks for the link up boss man! The key words that stuck out for me was Trinidad, Cook records.
Golden era of the calypso recordings, orchestras, pretty amazing performances by musicians in their primes, very highlevel of musical arrangements. 78s that were pretty much pressed in england at this point in history. Now gotta find out how , n where to view this flick, or as dem say inna west indies, flimshow!
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