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The Secret Society of Lathe Trolls thrives on the goodwill, knowledge, creativity, time and teamwork of its members.
Crucially, it survives, in a very real way, on voluntary financial support. This page is a public thanks to all who have kept it running specifically through their financial contributions. Please scroll all the way down to see sponsors going back to 2013.

Sponsors - later 2017-2018

Special Thanks:

*Our Moderators: mossboss, Aussie0zborn, Steve E., Simon, blacknwhite, piaptk, tragwag
*Twig Harper, who coined the term "Secret Society of Lathe Trolls," then graciously allowed us to use it for our site name.
*dr. dub, for acquiring and maintaining our domain name for several years
*YOU, for sharing yourself on the site.

Sponsors - 2013-early 2017

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