Lacquer Age Experiment

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Lacquer Age Experiment

Unread postby cjmnash » Mon Jul 31, 2017 1:34 pm

hey everyone-

as you may or may not know, along with cutting i opened up an electroplating company early last year, utilizing all new equipment.

one of the goals of opening this new business was to gain first hand knowledge of how cutting and plating interact.

earlier this year my team and i did a lacquer age experiment in order to understand exactly what happens when lacquers age prior to plating.

short story:

cut one side, let it sit two weeks
cut the same side again two weeks later (same styli, same batch of lacquers)
silvered and plated them the same day
had a test pressing made with side A (aged) and side B (fresh)
played test pressing into DAW

i have a link to the audio files and a pdf with more details on the test. if you'd like to hear it for yourself please email me at


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