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caruso infos. new link

Unread postby flozki » Thu Nov 09, 2017 6:17 pm

unfortunately the site took a french leave.
so all info's was gone too.
but is still around.

here again the most important stuff. will put more stuff whenever i find a minute. check from time to time.
but most you need is there. also a video about calibration and
some links infos to pressed records where the master is done with a caruso head, system. there are a few out now who use caruso only to cut masters sucessfully..


and yes
a very nice video of a nice thorens lathe rebuild by a swiss guy. custom made controller.all midi controlled. head drop.lift.
caruso head. caruso preamps. current meters. qsc gx3 amp.
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Re: caruso infos. new link

Unread postby FredH » Thu Nov 16, 2017 2:38 pm

flozki wrote:hehe. time to say some words from my side.

i would say sx74 is definitely a great cutterhead. it was the best at the time.
and also to say if propperly made or serviced this is THE standard no question. there is nothing negative to say when in good condition except the price and availabiltiy

But this beast is 40 years old, most deteriorated,worn out or even badly serviced. the last repaired or serviced by neumann with the original specs and parts : 20 years ago.
all others made out of parts coming from other dead heads or if fixed during last 5-7 years by vinylium with new parts.

and the cutterhead departement by neumann was i would say not bigger than the one at vinylium.
maybe 2-3 people.not more. on the net you can find a picture of the original workspace. a small business. neumann made in total around 500 sx68 and approx 500 sx74. and man of the sx68 have been upgrade to 1000 heads in 30 thats 33-50 every year. lets say 1 per week. this is more an exclusive watchmakers busines. this was never an industrial product.

but as mentioned in other posts magnets, materials,glues, wires. cnc manufacturing possibilites are way better than it was 40 years ago. and this is where we can profit for new designs. also i have seen many dead sx74 and repaired a lot of them. i know the strenghts and weakness of those heads...

so the caruso is made to fill the gap for a cheap and affordable cutterhead.
its original idea was to give an alternative to buy something else than an old worn out grampian (or an inaccurate westrex) for almost the same money.
this has to be in focus.

so never ever make a comparison to an sx74 at the moment !

i am extremly conservative with my technical specs.
and if i say i have +/- 100 on a measured system then i mean this is not the mechanical limit. its just what i measured out so far.
an SX74 has a mechanical limit of 120-150um in the forward direction. when all is perfectly alligned. so the excursion of the +/-150um is very very rarely achieved. out of 10 heads maybe one. and then at 150um it has a hard stop. on sc99 and also on caruso there is not such a mechanical limit.
on caruso i have a mechanical play of more than 200-250 um.

neumann sx74 had 200 degree celsius as top coil temperature.
the wire i use for the basic caruso has 200 degree ceslsius for 20000h guaranteed. not as a a top temp. and i can get even better bonding wire.

the neumann has ordinary ferrite magnets. after 40 years most of them have lost a few percent ,if not more, due to thermal peaks or other influences.
i use NeFeB magents. so i can get even a stronger field.
also i had in comparison to neumann the luck to use finite element software to simulate the magnetic system on a computer....

i had my vision of the ultimate head. and some experience with sx74,sc99.
simulation, development and CAD modeling in done by one of the top innovation companies in switzerland.

also the number of parts compared to sx74 is reduced to a minimum. only with modern 5axis cnc milling it became possible to produce the caruso head block economically.
all my parts are produced by top mechanical suppliers in switzerland. i live in the heart of the swiss watch industry. high precision mechanic shops are allover here.

also i finance the whole development by myself. no investors and shareholders i have to share my profit.
all that is an answer how i can make it so much cheaper.

sure i am quite positive to come to a close performance with even a basic caruso. the main idea is to bring a cheap head and to have a good basis for upgrade or even high quality head.

this concept was already used for the sc-99 head.
same basics for semipro and professional use. most recent materials available are used.
basically the sc99 was the same for the kingston cutter as for the selected pro user on a neumann. just the manufacturing for the pro version was done more accurate (matched, and selected coils, higher quality cabling)
and the sc-99 with a proper preamp and an experienced cutting engineer will do fantastic cuts.
for example
this record was made with an sc99. so there is proove that you can cut decent records also with an sc99.

but the difference between caruso and sc-99 is that for caruso the main parts where mechanical comptatibel for neumann sx68,74. so we could produce the volume needed for propper service and repair of neumann heads.

with the carsuo i didnt had any limits. the onyl limit where cutting angle and size to fit on a neumann lathe. a few parameters are chosen to match for example impedance so a goal is to have a 4.7 ohm version that it will work on existing cutting systems. but it is a nice to have. if i see i have better results. i will make it with whaterver impedance i think is good.
the caruso coil diameter is chosen to have best performance. the coil springs have optimised and FEM simulated shapes. the material is the best spring material available now. this was not ready 40 years i just took whatever i thought is the dream for my new head. sure not all is used for the 1500$ version.

for me to make the carsuo will give a higher volume of mechanical parts and then out of this familiy i generate a high professional version. which is just on request and in very limited number
for example with ceramic coils (where a set of coils cost as much as a basic caruso cuttterhead). improoved feedback system..whatever.
this is the idea.

if the caruso will be a good cutterhead. time and experience will tell.
as i still dont have a full functional head with all the final parts the performance is totally speculative. yes. maybe its close,better, worse than sx74. i just dont know yet.
but my experience and all recent test results tell me that caruso will be a decent head. and for sure a better alternative to what is around for $1500.
(my personal dream is to buy a cheap plastic made in whatever head for 50$ which cuts great in stereo....)
also i hope there will not be a new sect created (as for another product on this forum...) which thinks caruso is the ultimate stuff.if it will become the best.thats cool. but if not. no problem.
so, whenever available: buy it. use it and tell me whats good or bad.

and sorry for the was on standby for almost 6 month last year. i just can not afford to stop all my other activities and to concentrate 100 percent on this project. but there is a lot of progress going on during last 2month.
and there is some pressure now to finish the first heads.


Just remember this post about the caruso ;-)
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