Newcomer with some questions

This is a special section, perhaps temporary, to help our man Timmy1 with his efforts to assemble a working 8J10 Wilcox-Gay Recordette for experimental record cutting. The reasons for this will be explained shortly, but please do check in and help! He's a great guy with a worthy project.

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Re: Newcomer with some questions

Unread postby dhersk » Sat Jun 01, 2013 6:56 pm

Wilcox gay Recordette 3 IJ10 I think was the model. It was 3 speed and made in 1952. The mechanism was made by General Industries who made all the mechanisms for Wilcox Gay and other home cutters. They are still in business in Elyria Ohio (I think that’s the place). They are in business and may have parts or even the motor assembly for his machine. All recordettes were the same case, electronics, arm, turntable, leadscrew. The only difference was the paint job and the motor assembly in the 3 speed unit. Radio was the same in all of them. I owned about three of the one speed units and one of the three speed ones.

The cartridge was the Shure 56N. I never used the single needle thingy, I used sapphire to cut and never played back on the unit as the arm was too heavy. If he contacts General Industries, they made two leadscrews for their larger machines. The standard with the recordette was 120. Have him ask them for the 160 screw. If Tim wants to contact me at my email or call 763 544-5234.
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