Possibly a Similar Question About a Silvertone Recorder..

This is a special section, perhaps temporary, to help our man Timmy1 with his efforts to assemble a working 8J10 Wilcox-Gay Recordette for experimental record cutting. The reasons for this will be explained shortly, but please do check in and help! He's a great guy with a worthy project.

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Possibly a Similar Question About a Silvertone Recorder..

Unread postby RJC » Fri Jun 05, 2015 6:22 am

Hey, guys. I have a question about a Silvertone Recorder model 5732. I believe it's from the '30s and is designed to cut 78rpm records from the radio or a microphone input. It's similar to the Wilcox-Gay deal. I got it fixed and it works, and I tried cutting on a few things. Disposable plastic plates and stuff. They didn't really work. Cutting on CDs seemed to work great. The sound quality sounds very good. BUT, while the machine cuts continuously and smoothly, upon playback, the needle of the other record player I'm using will not track at all correctly. It just skips over the same recorded line over and over like a typical "broken record." (If you place the playback needle in another part of the groove, it does the same thing with a different line.) Any advice on where I can find proper materials to cut on or why it's not working? I was originally intending to take a sheet of flexible plastic (like from a transparency) and paste that onto a piece of cardboard and make sturdy flexi discs like the McDonald's song-contest ones. But I'd settle for anything that really works. Thank you very much! :evil: :mrgreen:
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Re: Possibly a Similar Question About a Silvertone Recorder.

Unread postby sunkingrecords » Wed Jul 01, 2015 2:59 pm

It is probably the autoreturn of the turntable, that doesn't like to have the arm that far into the inner part of the circle. I happened to me when playing recorded CDs.
Also check the antiskating setting.

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