Opcode66 - The Professional

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Opcode66 - The Professional

Unread postby opcode66 » Tue Feb 18, 2014 6:48 pm


Soul Foundation Recordings
"The Diversification EP VOL.1"
Feat. Frique & Opcode66

Frique - Tell Em II

One definition of the word "freak" means-- wild and irrational behavior that is typically brought about by outside stimuli. In this instance it's the music eliciting the response for you to "freak out" on the dance floor, the stimulus being auditory. An upbeat drum track shuffles along keeping the rhythm controlled and tight over spacey ambient pads, and single note synth stabs bounce over the track creating hypnotic repetition. Deep sub bass pulses accentuate the drums and clusters of processed vocal samples are thrown in the mix, adding some emotional depth. Frique creates a great balance of two distinct styles here. Tell Em II is the perfect unification of a big room club feeling and a more rugged, tracky House sound.

Opcode66 - The Professional

The Professional has Opcode66 using a strip it down to the essentials approach with a straight forward and potent bass line over a four to the floor drum and clap combination that is complimented by subtle synth bubbles and gentle pads. An arrangement of vocal samples disperse with precision, taking full advantage of the space between, creating a panoramic atmosphere and an effect of the samples seemingly having a conversation amongst each other. The Professional maintains a distinctive late night/ early morning Deep House feeling throughout.

Release Date March, 2014


Diversification Vol.1
Artist : Frique & Opcode66
Label : Soul Foundation Recordings
release date : 3/4/2014

Release Link : https://www.stompy.com/EP/649634

Digital Sites: Beatport, iTunes, Stompy, Amazon & more!

Available exclusively at Stompy.com 2-18-14
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